About Robert

Robert Garvin, Owner
  • Web Design 95%
  • Wordpress 95%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • Working With Small Businesses 100%

Robert Garvin, Owner

My first introduction to Web Design was in 6th grade when I developed my first website at Naylor Middle School located in Tucson, Arizona. There was nothing spectacular about the website, just some simple words and a couple pictures but it sparked my interest in the new technology that we now use on a daily basis. At the age of 17 I was hired by AOL for my technical background to support their online services. Over the years I have always worked with web design and digital media in various forms through my different careers. Shortly after owning my first business I realized there is a lot more to be done on the computer than just accounting. At this I point I decided to become well rounded in all things digital that a small business could need.

I can assist with …

-Web Design
-Online Advertising
-Search Engine Optimization
-Online Retail Sales
-Social Media Management

-Document Creation
-Quickbooks® Management
-Technology Training
-EBook Creation and Sales
-And more just ask…


Recently, after the suggestions from a few of my clients, I decided to launch MySmallBusinessSupport.com and bring my years of experience to help other small businesses with whatever they might need to be successful. If you need help with something for your business and don’t see it listed on the site…. just ask!

Robert Garvin